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 Whoever would believe that childhood dreams could come true?  Well this is exactly what happened to Andy and Jeri Camputaro (Camp to the rodeo world).  Both are originally from urban areas - Andy is from West Haven, CT and Jeri is from Port Washington, Long Island - and each had dreamed of the country life with horses and all the trimmings.

  As a youth, after Andy was a spectator at his first rodeo, his dream was to ride with the rodeo circuit.  He began traveling the circuit soon after, riding bulls and bareback horses.  Andy became a professional rodeo clown for a number of years and then eventually went on to only compete in the roping events.  However, being a competitor was no longer his dream.  Andy now dreamed of owning his own rodeo company.  He became familiar with the production/business end of the rodeo while he was a partner in the weekly rodeos that were held in Round Top, NY from 1964-1975.

  Jeri had always dreamed of working around livestock.  So, during her high school years, she went to work at the ranch-resort, Rocking Horse Ranch, in Highland, NY, on weekends and during vacations.  "This was the turning point in my life."  She eventually moved to Highland and began working full time at the ranch.  With the assistance of the Turk family, she was able to develop a keen interest in business while polishing her riding abilities.  It was through the ranch that Andy and Jeri met and married.  Since their dreams were similar, they began to put them into action.  They purchased a 55-acre ranch in Catskill, NY and it is now the headquarters for the Double R Championship Rodeo Company.

     The rodeo company's first break came with the first annual rodeo for the Aleppo Temple Shriners in Wilmington, MA.  It was through this fine organization that they were able to show their great talents as rodeo coordinators and stock contractors.  Other breakthroughs for Double R were: in 1985 the rodeo toured Puerto Rico for 30 days, then in 1990 their Contoocook, NH rodeo was voted 1990 IPRA BEST NEW RODEO OF THE YEAR by the membership of the IPRA (International Professional Rodeo Assoc.).  In 1993 Double R was voted 1993 IPRA PRODUCER OF THE YEAR.  IN 1995, once again, they received the coveted award PRODUCER OF THE YEAR along with 1995 BEST NEW RODEO and 1995 BEST RODEO OF THE YEAR (a clean sweep of the biggest awards the IPRA has).

     Throughout the year, Andy travels the country always searching for the best bucking stock and rodeo acts available.  Jeri remains at home during the off season where she is employed by Peckham Materials as a dispatcher.  She spends much of the winter coordinating the music and the opening pageants, for which they are famous.  Their son, Justin, relocated to Florida, recently married and is the Director of Student Activities at Jacksonville University.  His experience with organizing events at the University is a huge help to Andy & Jeri when planning a Double R production.

     The huge success of the Double R Championship Rodeo Co. is due to the strong will of these three people, although they are more likely to say the success of each and every show is due to the great crew they have. 


(Many of their crew has been with the rodeo since the beginning when they first became a "road show," which is well over 25 years.)  Whatever the reason may be for their success, it could never have happened had it not been for the two people who set out to see their dreams come true.

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  more information contact 
Ranch Headquarters:
3084 Old Kings Road
Catskill, NY 12414

Email Us:  rrrodeo@mhcable.com

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Our "Helpers"



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"Donut and Julie"

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        A huge disappointment to anyone involved in Rodeos comes when people call rodeos "inhumane."  We of the Double R Championship Rodeo Co. are especially offended since we pride ourselves on being animal lovers, as many others are.

     At home, our livestock are all turned out on 55 acres of the lushest pasture available in New York State.  Each and every pasture is equipped with fresh water and enough shelter for all the livestock.  We oversee the amount and type of grain mixtures and hay given to each animal to insure the correct amount of nutrients are received.  All the livestock are checked daily and we have a veterinarian on call at all times.  While on the road, extra care is given to all the livestock, since we are well aware of how hard it is on everyone to be on the road and away from home for a long time.  We use many trucks and trailers to haul the stock to and from the rodeo arena, so that we never overcrowd the animals.  Prior to the show dates, we have contacted several of the local veterinarians to see who would be available once we arrive and throughout the show should an accident occur.

     Our livestock is our livelihood, as it is for other stock contractors.  Without them we have nothing.  So we go to extremes to insure the care of all our horses and cattle.  It is unfortunate that certain people are only looking for a "cause" and do not attempt to learn the facts before they try to destroy a sport as fine as Rodeo.


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Featured Bull Information
Cosmo is power packed with CP Breeding.  He is a PBR World Finals Qualifier and was the only Size to have two sons finish in the top twelve at the 2006 ABBI World Classic Finals in Las Vegas.  On July 21, 2006 at the "Tulsa Express PBR Classic ABBI-BFT Level Classic Event", Bull #226 Superman tied for 1st place with D&H / Teague's bull Stray Kitty and #232 Countersink tied for 7th & 8th place. On October 30th in Round 1 at the ABBI World Classic Finals in Las Vegas, #232 Countersink placed 9th and #226 placed 12th in the World Classic Finals Average,  making #4 Cosmo the only SIRE to have two sons finish in the top 12.  Another noted son, #225 Tabasco, placed 43rd out of 186 at the 2006 Wild Card Classic in Oklahoma.



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